Tips to Identify and Prevent Forklift Hazards

Tips to Identify and Prevent Forklift Hazards

A Loaded Forklift Truck Being Driven by an Operator

Every industrial asset contains life-threatening risks and so are the load moving and lifting forklift trucks. The forklifts are the most commonly used trucks in the manufacturing, construction, food, and warehouse industries to move loads from one place to another. According to statistics, hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries take place every year. The most alarming thing about these hazards is that 25% of these accidents occur due to inadequate training and lack of experience working with these forklifts.

Another reason for the endless hazards is that the forklift operator license isn’t legalized by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration(OSHA) yet. However, training has been made essential for the interested candidates. We are helping hundreds of candidates with their reputed training programs. You can also avail yourself of a forklift license in Mississauga from us. Call anytime, we are open seven days a week.

1. Improper Use of Forklift Trucks

Improper forklift use

Most forklift operators don’t go by the rules, even if they have undertaken forklift training. You can’t rely merely on the training undertaken if you fail to adopt the best practices for safe operation. Here are some of the Don’ts of safe forklift operations.

  • Speeding & Racing
  • Incorrect parking
  • Sharp Turnings
  • Forklift Overturning
  • Playing Loud Music
  • Using Mobile while driving
  • Drowsy Driving
  • Blind Spots
  • Bad Floor Conditions
  • Bad Ramp Driving
  • Not wearing the safe belts
  • Not using Horns for pedestrians
  • No understanding of aisle signs

The above-mentioned practices may cause serious injuries or even fatalities at the workplace. Get yourself enrolled in the best forklift training center in Mississauga to learn safe and efficient forklift driving. The forklift training will avail you of the best forklift operator opportunities for your future. This training will help you get a certificate and educate you on how to prevent hazards at the workplace. 

Training helps you maintain the speed limit, sings & route learning, and other essential forklift driving etiquette at your workplace. You will get to learn proper horn usage at the end of aisles and during intersections. 

2. Overloading and Improper Unloading Procedures

Overloaded forklift

Inexperienced and untrained forklift operators always face overloading and unloading issues due to the lack of knowledge they would have acquired from forklift training. 

The forklift training will help you learn the proper loading and unloading procedures. It will teach you:

  • The maximum weight your forklift can carry along
  • Load stabilizing
  • Load Lifting
  • Load Security 
  • No Overloading 
  • No loose loads higher than the backrest
  • Loads shouldn’t be off-center
  • Attachment availabilities if any
  • How to move the load in the bad floor conditions
  • Overhead Obstructions

And much more. Heavily and poorly stacked loads can result in vehicle overturning. Pallets should be uniformly stacked to avoid such situations. 

3. Lack Of Truck Maintenance

Forklift truck maintenance

A good and professional forklift driver always inspects and takes good care of forklift machines. To keep your forklift machine up-to-date, you need to check for the following issues:

  • Broken Lights
  • Chunked tires
  • Inadequate battery 
  • Hydraulic fluids leaks
  • Stretched chains & worn forks
  • Unsound Horn Issues
  • Problem with lifting
  • Rough Running
  • Not starting
  • Electrical Problems
  • Unsecured Loads 
  • Dock Lifting- Dock operators must be trained well to maintain dock levelers and chock wheels of forklift trucks. 

To prevent such hazards:

1. We should always operate well-maintained forklifts.

Best practices must be incorporated by forklift operators, such as pre-inspecting forklift trucks before making a drive. He should really check for fluid leaks, tires, lights, batteries, horns, oils, etc. If you find any issue, please get in touch with a qualified mechanic or your supervisor. 

2. Enhance safety mechanisms at the workplace

To prevent a forklift hazard at the workplace, every warehouse should be constructed by keeping operators in safety focus. Installation of proper road signs, separate walkways & driveways, and good floor conditions can help in making your workplace less hazardous. Moreover, you can place mirrors at the aisle corners to improve visibility. Unorganized warehouses are always more prone to dangerous injuries.

3. Effective Communication with the team

Along with it, good communication with your coworkers can help you improve workplace safety. It helps you avoid unsafe practices and promote critical emergency response.

With us, you can have the benefit of learning:

  • Safety rules
  • Safe Driving
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Hazard Identification and prevention 
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