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It is vital that employees who use heavy equipment, such as forklift trucks, are trained and aware of what they are doing. You can see that heavy equipment can be dangerous and even fatal if it isn’t used correctly.

Operators of heavy equipment need to be able to safely and efficiently operate the machinery. This will not only reduce the chance of injury to them, but to their coworkers. 

Wisdom Forklift Training offers professional forklift training, forklift license, and scissor lift training in Toronto and the surrounding areas. This can help you ensure that your employees are proficient in operating such equipment on your premises.

Professional forklift training Toronto is essential

Operating a forklift truck can be very different from driving a car. It is important to know how to safely load pallets onto forklifts.

As you are aware, safety and health in the workplace are vital. As a business leader, it’s your responsibility to create a safe work environment for your employees. Wisdom Forklift Training offers forklift training in Toronto and beyond to ensure your company complies with HSE regulations.

Furthermore, your staff will be able to receive the proper forklift truck training, which will make it easier to worry about equipment damage and rising insurance costs. Let’s not forget about the productivity boost for your company! 

Our team has the expertise, resources, and skills to teach your employees how to operate forklift trucks correctly. Operators and instructors can receive fully accredited forklift training. This gives your employees the opportunity to obtain a certificate as a forklift truck operator.

Wisdom Forklift Training is a great option for forklift truck training

There are many companies that offer forklift truck training, but Wisdom Forklift Training has many advantages.


The courses we offer are taught by certified and experienced instructor. This gives you peace of mind that your employees receive the best training possible. We offer flexible delivery of training courses; which is the another reason to choose Wisdom Forklift Training. We offer forklift training in Toronto and whole GTA area.

How do I enroll in our forklift training Toronto course?

Each business is different so it’s important that you determine what your needs are. Some clients may require training for new employees, while others may need refresher classes for experienced forklift truck drivers.

To enroll in the course, you can register through the red register button in the menu. If you have any questions, Wisdom Forklift Training can be reached at 905-621-2222 and by email at to discuss your needs for forklift training throughout Toronto, Brampton, Vaughan, Georgetown, Bolton, Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Concord, Scarborough, and Hamilton.

Candidates are often unaware that a valid Forklift Certification is required in order to be hired as Forklift Operators. Important to remember that an in-house certificate is only valid at the employer company where it was obtained. It cannot be transferred. Forklift Operators are required to attend approved Forklift Training Schools for license and training. To operate any of this equipment, you will need a valid certification: Raymond Reach, Counterbalance/Dock Stocker/Raymond Reach, Order Picker/Cherry Picker/High-Lift Order Selector, Pallet Rider/Walkie.

Employers often require employees to have a combination certification. We know this from experience. Employers will require that you pass an in-house safety exam, both theoretical and practical, to prove your ability to operate forklifts.


How to Apply for a Forklift Training License

We have made it easy by preparing these steps for taking forklift training.

  • Prepare for what you require. Identify your needs. You must tailor your forklift training to the specific equipment and workplace you are using. When searching for a course, it is important to specify which type of forklifts you would like to use or the equipment that you will be using in your warehouse. If you have any additional needs, the school or trainer can discuss them with you.
  • Operators of forklifts must attend the classroom lecture. Online classes can be taken if offered by the school. This is a mixed approach. Operators have the option of taking the course online at their own pace, from home, or at work.
  • Pass the written exam. This test is used to measure learning in the classroom.
  • Participate in the forklift driving practice. This is your chance to get familiar with the forklift type you want to operate.
  • You will be evaluated by the safety trainer to receive your license at the completion of the course. The process is identical for those who live in other cities such as Mississauga.

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The Benefits of a Forklift License

There is no denying that there are many forklift-related injuries and deaths each year. This is why the federal and provincial governments place a lot of emphasis on forklift training.

Employers are now aware of the importance to hire forklift operators who have sufficient knowledge. They are responsible for providing training and equipment. If you are interested in this career, ensure you have your forklift license ready to show them. Here are some benefits to having a license.

  • Employers want to ensure a safe work environment in compliance with all applicable laws. Employers want to reduce accidents through the provision of forklift certification courses. You are already compliant with safety and health regulations if you have completed the training course and received a license.
  • If you apply for a job, it makes you more likely to be chosen by the employer. If you have a forklift licence, it can also be a benefit to your job promotion.
  • Because licensed operators are familiar with the equipment and know when it needs maintenance, they can help reduce maintenance costs.
  • You could be subject to a citation or penalty if inspectors from the government visit your company premises.

Rules and Regulations For Forklift Safety:

  1. CSAB335 Standard:The most important changes were the retraining of forklift operators. Previously, it was only once every 18 months. The new standard requires that retraining must take place on an ongoing basis. Operators who are unable to operate new equipment in their warehouses, or when the workplace layout changes during full operation of the business, must undergo retraining.
  2. Operators must have the skills, experience, and training Ontario Ministry of Labour to operate the equipment. They will inspect the equipment and make regular visits to all companies in the province. They will also inspect the supervisors for competency to supervise these operators.
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